Welcome to the decentralization site for SingularityNET!
Building a path for the community to govern SingularityNET’s AI and AGI
This is important because AI affects nearly everyone on the planet - maybe even everyone, at least indirectly. SingularityNET’s mission of creating beneficial AI and benevolent AGI is about making sure that artificial general intelligence isn’t created for profit, but for the good of all
There are important questions, like what does “beneficial” mean? For whom is it important? Who is creating it, and who is given the space and opportunity to create it? Whom does AI represent? There aren’t easy answers to those questions, but one thing is clear: They should be thought about and worked on together
Our aim is to expand the capacity for participation in Singularity NET and allow everyone to take part in shaping the future of AI and AGI. This means creating decentralized governance processes that allow the fair and efficient organizing of people and resources. This site outlines how we are doing that
A Decentralized Community
At Singularity NET, we are building the infrastructure and processes for people to join our community and take part in shaping the future of AI

This takes several forms. The SingularityNET Deep Funding program allows independent developer teams to win funding for AI projects. These are voted on and selected by the community. Finished projects can be deployed on SingularityNET’s decentralized AI marketplace, which provides a place for any AI developers to upload their products.

The SingularityNET Ambassador program aims to spread the word and grow the decentralized community, getting more representation and more people involved in developing AI. Now the Ambassador program has a new arm, the LATAM Ambassadors.

Over the next months, we aim to provide more structure and support to the existing decentralized communities in SingularityNET. The Supervisory Council has joined with key members of the Foundation leadership to produce a Blueprint. The Blueprint will outline governance mechanisms and processes that can support the grant program, the Ambassadors, and provide ways for the community to grow capacity and expand its functions.

We hope that this process will provide more opportunities for all, not just a few, to engage and contribute to SingularityNET’s vision of beneficial AI and AGI.

What this website is for
  • Publish the Supervisory Council’s decentralization work and progress
  • Make it easy for the community to participate in the process of blueprint development
  • Ensure the work is accessible both during the development of the blueprint and following the completion of the work
  • Publish the SC’s thoughts about the process itself and lessons learned
  • Provide information about the SC and the Task Force participating in the process of creating the blueprint
The goals of this website are to:
The primary audience for this information is the SingularityNET community, particularly those who want to be involved in the decentralization process. We expect the information will also be of use to any organizations going through similar processes.

The mission of human governance of AI and AGI development is of crucial importance to all humankind (and life on the planet as a whole). AI is already a major influence in people’s lives and while organizations such as OpenAI have started with the goal of openness, almost all of the AI development is being done behind closed doors, with absolutely no say from the public who is being influenced by these tools on a day-to-day basis. This state of affairs is a basic violation of human rights, as people’s minds are literally being changed by this technology. SingularityNET recognizes the importance of creating a system that allows humans to have input into the questions of how AI and AGI are developed, deployed, and implemented globally.
While SingularityNET has made progress towards decentralization with its Deep Funding and Ambassador programs, the Supervisory Council has been brought in to create a document that summarizes the work done so far, discusses the ways in which this decentralization can be expanded, and suggests additional governance experiments that can be deployed through Deep Funding, the Foundation, and the Ambassadors program in order to include even more people in the governance of the ecosystem. The development of governance methodologies has implications for governance of technology development as well as the governance of other digital commons and public goods.
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