Get Involved
The community’s input to the Decentralization Blueprint is crucial for the long-term success and acceptance of the recommendations that will be in the Blueprint, as well as for the quality of the outcome
  • Participate in the community workshops led by the Supervisory Council and the Task Force

  • Provide written input to the documents we are working on (see the Documents section below for all the document links)

  • Participate in discussions in the DAO Discussion channel in Discord (the Council is not highly active on Discord, but the community liaison is)

  • Reach out directly to the Council and/or Lead Writer and invite them to a group or individual call to voice your input, or send them DMs on Telegram (see their contacts in Elected Supervisory Council section)
You can take part synchronously or asynchronously:
The Process
The Supervisory Council has created the Blueprint Outline in the same process, which it will be following through March and April:

  • Draft writing and presentation of drafts to the community
  • Solicitation of written comments on the Google Docs
  • Weekly workshops on the draft and topics of importance in the blueprint
  • Following input from the community, release of a document for final comments
  • Publishing of an official version of the documentation

The Blueprint is non-binding and will include recommendations for decentralization experiments and actions to take. For any of these actions, the Foundation or Deep Funding will call for specific proposals.

At the point that proposals are made to Deep Funding, votes will be taken by the community on how to proceed. At this time, the SC does not see great value in voting on a ratification of the Blueprint—the adoption of its recommendations over time will represent the acceptance of parts or all of the Blueprint by the community.

Furthermore, the Blueprint is designed as a living document. It is expected that in a year or two, another Task Force would take on updating the document and reporting on what parts have been implemented, or that the job of following up on the Blueprint’s implementation would be taken up by a team in the community (Ambassador program or other part of the community).

March/April 2024

Latest Decentralization Blueprint Document
This is the current working document, available for comment.

Purpose document
Grace Rachmany produced a synthesis of a workshop on SingularityNET community's purpose, available for comment.

February 2024

Blueprint framework
The Supervisory Council adapted the Viable Systems Model to structure the document. The framework utilizes a fractal system to address the current setup, challenges, and decentralization measures at different organizational levels.

January 2024

Outline document
The outline document was fleshed out with some details, and comments were added by the Community.

Initial Blueprint outline
Grace Rachmany created a first Blueprint structure, including the different kinds of organizational functions that needed to be accounted for.

December 2023

Supervisory Council Mandate
The Council worked with the community to define their mandate for their 6 month term.
Documents are presented in reverse chronological order, starting with the current working documents.
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