Task Force: Who We Are
The Task Force for the Decentralization Blueprint is made up of the three Supervisory Council Members, four members from the SingularityNET Foundation, and any additional professionals the SC decides to add as experts.
While there was a formal process of submitting an application to the Task Force, the SC can choose individuals from outside of this group if they deem it appropriate.

The original definition of the Task Force mentioned 12 members, but the Supervisory Council has been cautious regarding adding people to the group without having specific needs or specific responsibilities. Therefore, when a need arises, the SC releases a specific call along with requirements and opens the application to anyone with relevant capabilities.

Elected Supervisory Council
The Supervisory Council consists of:

  • Daniel Ospina, founder of RnDAO and an expert in decentralized governance and collaborative systems. Daniel focuses on stakeholder inclusion, participatory design, and bottom-up experimentation. Daniel’s introduction is here. Contact him on Telegram.

  • Grace Rachmany, founder of Voice of Humanity and PricelessDAO, expert in Web3 with a focus on democracy and new economic systems. Grace focuses on getting clarity on the goals and outcomes people most want and creating structures that allow them to meet those goals. See Grace’s introduction here. Contact her on Telegram.

  • Xhoni (Johnny) Shollaj, is a seasoned Research Engineer at the National University of Singapore, where he harnesses his extensive expertise in data science and analytics to drive impactful research. Xhony Focuses on the relevance of the ecosystem and blueprint design to the AGI field as a whole. Xhoni’s introduction is here. Contact him on Telegram.
Contracted Task Force Members

The Task Force is budgeted for up to 12 paid members. However, there was no actual “task” to give the additional members, so the SC has been carefully considering what help it needs and opening up the application process to any qualified people who can help.

Judith Williams has joined the team as the Supervisory Council Liaison. Her main objective is to coordinate and facilitate all communication and interaction between the Supervisory Council and the SingularityNET community by keeping the community informed of events and happenings regarding the Supervisory Council mandate, advising the Supervisory Council on developments in the SingularityNET community, and coordinating the Supervisory Council’s own events as well as participation at community meetings.

Dr. Nick Almond has joined the Task Force. He has assisted in thinking through the Decentralization Blueprint. His role includes research and coordination based on the inputs from the SingularityNET community, the SC and the Task Force, hosting community meetings to gather further input, researching existing DAO best practices and tooling, and giving valuable advice on the process of writing the document based on different opinions.

Elizabeth Cusma has joined to assist the Task Force in completing the Blueprint document. She is a community builder who is interested in emergent strategies for collective wellbeing and action. She has a background in immigration, economic development, non profit management, and public policy. She wants to help build a web3 that empowers individuals and helps to build more resilient communities.

Foundation Representatives
The following representatives of the SNET Foundation provide feedback and input as part of their participation in the Task Force

  • Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET
  • David Lake, SingularityNET Foundation Board Member
  • Jan Horlings, Chief Product Officer
  • Peter Elfrink, Community Lead
Budgeting for the Task Force

The Supervisory Council is contracted to work 4-8 hours per week with an additional budget as needed for work that is required above the allocated time. The Task Force budget is a separate amount to be used for experts.

The budget is described here. For the initial two months, the Task Force used only the basic budget, adding a community liaison in the third month. In February, the amount of work was clearly more than could be done in the allocated hours, and the Supervisory Council began to allocate itself additional funds according to the needs of the task, as well as hiring a Lead Writer for the Blueprint.

The Supervisory Council has requested a monthly financial report from the SingularityNET Foundation so that the amounts in the budget, amounts spent, and the purposes will be transparent to the community (and to the SC itself). It is our intention to make that budget report available to the community. Based on the current projected expenditures, the SC expects to deliver the Blueprint within budget.

The Council's Story
The SingularityNET Supervisory Council was elected in November 2023 with a 6-month mandate to create a blueprint for decentralization for the SingularityNET ecosystem. To facilitate communications with the community at large, this website provides all of the relevant information about the council’s activity, links to our work, information about past and upcoming events, and information about how the community can be involved.

Ontological note: The Supervisory Council has no supervisory powers over any part of the SingularityNET ecosystem. We aren’t really sure why this name was chosen, because the only thing we supervise is a Blueprint. It sure makes us feel important and looks good on our LinkedIn profiles, but it is a bit of a misnomer. Our role is more of a Stewardship role, embodying the will of the community at large in creating a document that expresses how the community can express itself through decentralized governance modalities.

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